Who We Are

“There have been so many times over the past 16 years when our commercial customers asked if we install residential systems,” Harrelson says. Existing customers appreciate the personal and local responsiveness they get from Sonitrol and its team of office personnel, sales reps, ser­vice techs and installers. “This industry is full of national companies with “800” numbers to call for installation or service,” he adds. “We are not a mega telecom or cable company, we are a very efficient and productive team that provides the excellence of our larger counterparts. Customers find themselves in the 800 phone loop at a national monitoring center looking for a real person to talk to. We pride ourselves on still answering our phones with real people

"The name Summit Security derives from the principals embraced in mountain climbing. Reaching a summit is about preparation, effort, teamwork and a desire to succeed."

What We Do

Summit Security focuses primarily on residential and small commercial security systems using “cloud based” services, video verification and other 2GIG technologies. Our goal is to guide customers through the process and help them make the best decisions possible to secure their homes and small businesses. The Summit Security staff will draw on Sonitrol Integrated Security's 22 years of experience and success to raise the bar even higher.